What causes hair loss?

Adults typically start with around 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on their head and lose between 50-100 hairs per day.

New hair grows out of little pockets in the skin, which are known as hair follicles. The hair begins to grow from a root (which is made up of cells of protein) in the bottom of the follicle. Blood vessels in the scalp feed the roots, which then creates more cells and makes our hair grow.  Hair gets pushed up through the skin as it grows, passing an oil gland along the way. The oil gland adds oil to the hair and keeps it shiny and soft (or greasy which is why we need to wash our hair).

Where new growth is plentiful, this loss is never noticeable. Hair loss only becomes becomes apparent when new hair ceases to replace the lost hair – indicating that some of the hair follicles have died or expired.

There are many reasons why men and women lose their hair.  Aside from eating good clean nutrition, staying hydrated and limiting toxins – there is very little we can do to control or even impact hair loss.

Whether your hair is receding, thinning or balding – the causes are likely one of the following: –

  • Hereditary hair loss (family history)

  • Hormonal changes (male and female hormones)

  • Periods of high stress (work, marriage, loss, children)

  • Medications or chemical ingestion

  • Vitamin or mineral deficiencies (poor nutrition or absorption)

  • Other medical conditions

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Hair loss facts


50% of hair in any given area is gone before it becomes apparent


50% of men experience hair loss by the age of 50


40% of women experience hair loss by menopause


Each follicle will grow a brand new hair about 20 times in it’s lifespan


Nothing can bring back a dead hair follicle

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