Hair loss and confidence

Psychologically, hair loss symbolises aging and debility and for many men, a loss of masculinity.  For some people, their self confidence diminishes as their hair loss accelerates and becomes more prominent.

This could be in the form of becoming a habitual hat wearer, turning down invites where you know a hat cannot be worn.

Maybe you have found a way to live with your hair loss and people around you have no idea how you feel – but deep down you feel different!  Different to how you used to feel, and different to how you want to feel.

A survey reported that 43% of men adversley affected by hair loss – would rather have thicker, fuller hair than more money!

My point is – the IMPACT that hair loss can have, should never be underestimated.

Imagine a life with more courage and certainty, without the stress and worry of anxiety and self hesitation holding you back.

Are you really aware how the way you feel about yourself is affecting your romantic relationships, career drive and progression, everyday happiness and new opportunities in all area’s of your life?

SMP Hair Loss Treatment Gold Coast

Hairloss Ink’s mission is to understand you and your hair loss journey so far.

We want to see how we can help you move to a position where you are taking control of your self worth, and no longer crippled by self doubt.

We’ve helped men and women of all ages increase their confidence using SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation, helping them to expand and grow, moving forwards with their life dreams and goals.

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If it’s been too long – let us remind you what good self confidence feels like: –


Feel more in control


Less self-doubt


More likely to look forwards not back


 More open to socialising and meeting new people


Nothing can bring back a dead hair follicle


Feel younger


Have a more positive outlook


Be proud of who you are

We understand hair loss and we understand how you feel.

Please don’t suffer in silence – let’s have an informal, no obligation chat about Australia’s fastest growing hair loss solution and see how we can help.

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