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What You Want to Know About SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation and how it can transform your confidence and your life.

What is SMP?

SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a ‘tattoo like’ process, performed one impression at a time to replicate thousands of tiny hair follicles, with around 20,000 – 30,000 impressions required for full scalp coverage. 

The treatment can be performed on all hair colours as we blend pigments to achieve an almost exact match. The process of SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation begins at the boundary of your existing hairline, and we work slightly within this boundary to achieve a subtle blending by placing pigment amongst your own hair follicles. The process then continues onto the scalp to create a seamless transition. Should your hair lighten or recede further we simply infill the areas requiring colour matching. It is important to note that specialised needles and ink are used during the SMP procedure to ensure a natural looking result.

How does it work?

Your SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation will generally take 2 sessions spaced a few days to a week apart. These sessions will take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours dependent on your coverage requirement.

We use a natural mineral based pigment created specifically for SMP only, that has been formulated to set in the skin of the scalp once implanted, resulting in very fine, crisp, and clear follicle replications. This is not a commercially available product and is produced exclusively for us. We do not use regular tattoo inks or permanent make-up pigments as the quality is not conducive to hair follicle replication.

Is it permanent?

SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation is considered  semi-permanent –  everybody’s skin and genetic profile is different. This can mean that one person may experience very little if any fading whereas the next person may require darkening procedures over time.

The aftercare is very straight forward and a full post treatment plan will be provided for you upon completion of your first treatment.

The only ongoing maintenance long term will be to keep your naturally growing hair shaved to ensure a complete, blended, natural looking result.

Reducing sun exposure to the scalp will help to keep a fresh looking result so we do suggest that you wear a good quality high factor sun block whenever you are outdoors.

Should a darkening procedure be required,  it is a fast simple rejuvenation process.

Does it hurt?

Not really! Where conventional tattoo’s deposit permanent pigment into the dermis layer of the skin, SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation is applied into the epidermis layer which isn’t quite as deep. There is no dragging on the skin which is the part of a conventional tattoo that hurts. 
Most clients find the treatment very tolerable (many fall asleep during treatment). Even those clients that find they have a sensitive spot or two, find the result FAR outweighs any temporary discomfort that they experienced.

What will my treatment cost?

SMP Scalp Micro Pigmentation costs can vary depending on the total area to be covered and the density that will be required.

At the time of quotation we will request that you email or text photos to us for assessment. A written quotation will be provided which will not be exceeded unless additional changes outside of the original scope are requested.

Don’t forget we offer FREE consultations where we can discuss not only SMP, but all other options along with costs, pro’s and con’s. We are here to help figure out what is the best option for YOU and will only recommend this treatment for you if we are confident that you will see a great result:)

Is Hairloss Ink registered to perform SMP?

The Gold Coast City Council lay down very strict guidelines for companies wishing to offer Personal Appearance Services, regulated under the Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003. All employees of Hairloss Ink fully comply with these regulations and are licensed by Council to perform Personal Appearance Services (Higher Risk). A copy of your personal Practitioners license is displayed on our premises at all times. All equipment used for providing SMP is pre-packaged sterilised single use and disposable, therefore eliminating the need for sterilising equipment, dramatically reducing the risk to the client.

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