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What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is a ‘cosmetic tattoo like’ process, performed one impression at a time to replicate thousands of tiny hair follicles, with around 20,000 – 30,000 impressions required for full scalp coverage.


The treatment is instant, discreet, non surgical and comes with guaranteed results – no more spending thousands and not seeing results!


Scalp micropigmentation is Australia’s fastest growing hair loss solution and can be used in many ways.


– Hairline Restoration (recreating the front hairline where the original hair has receded)

– Density fill (working within the remaining hair to create a more even look of more hair

– Female baldness (excellent option for women to cover thinning caused by hormones)

– Scar coverage (disguising all types of scalp scars)

– Alopecia (great for giving alopecia sufferers a guaranteed solution)

– Chemotherapy survivors (excellent to create look of more density through thin hair)


Scalp Micropigmentation is considered semi-permanent – everybody’s skin and genetic profile is different. This can mean that one person may experience very little if any fading whereas the next person may require darkening procedures over time.


The treatment can be performed on all hair colours as we blend pigments to achieve an almost exact match. We use a natural mineral based pigment created specifically for scalp micro only, that has been formulated to set in the skin of the scalp once implanted, resulting in very fine, crisp, and clear follicle replications.

* N.b. We do not use regular tattoo inks or permanent make-up pigments as the quality is not conducive to hair follicle replication. Specialised needles and ink are used during the scalp micropigmentation procedure to ensure a natural looking result.


Hairloss Ink LOVE talking about hair loss and answering all your scalp micro questions.


Let’s chat so you can walk away armed with maximum knowledge AND zero pressure – to take time to think and make the best decision for YOU.

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