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How much does a hair tattoo cost?

Most products or services, including hairline tattoo’s, have a similar range of pricing options available.


I hear everything from people getting it done for a few hundred dollars in someone’s kitchen……. (these are usually requesting a quote to fix it up), then others being quoted $4000 for a job that most practitioners would charge half that for.


So how are YOU meant to know what a hair tattoo should really cost?


Here are some handy tips on the decision making process that will help to protect you from making the wrong decision. I would suggest getting at least 3-4 quotes so that you can really make some comparisons in this very important decision.


Who is the cheapest and why? Who is the most expensive and why? Use a process of elimination to work out who is within your broadest budget reach, and then dive a little deeper from there.

  • Which of these practitioners have the knowledge needed to answer all my questions and concerns?

  • Go meet them! Do you like AND trust them? Are you happy with the environment they are operating in? Do you feel heard?

  • Are they certified AND insured? This proves their personal standards and commitment to their clients as this is NOT compulsory in our industry.

  • Have you checked their photos and reviews? Google, facebook and instagram.

  • How does the quote suit your budget?


From there you will likely find it easy to decide WHO you want to do your hair tattoo and once you know that, the rest is easy – it’s just a case of figuring out if and how you can make that work with your budget.


Consults with Hairloss Ink are always free with no obligation or pressure. It is simply a chance for you to meet or chat to us, ask all your questions and see if you like us.

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