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Are you really tired…..or just bored?

As we reach adulthood and life takes over, many of us lose our way with our passions and our ambitions as necessity and monotony takes over.

It happens to most of us but especially the parents of the world. Responsibility, monotony and the juggling of priorities take over.

We feel tired all the time not because we are tired – but because we are bored , unfulfilled and uninspired!

You know those people with an abundance of energy?

The ones who just seem to have all the fun and things ‘just happen’ for them?

Well they are usually the ones that have kept their passions alive. They are either working/studying or contributing in a way that sets their heart and soul on fire.

I know countless of these people that have family commitments and are still SO alive because they are prioritising themselves and keeping their needs and passions as priority in their lives.

There is so much focus on mindset and motivation and these things are both great but if you are doing something you truly love, would you agree that they are just not needed?

When was the last time you thought about what YOU really wanted? I don’t mean the new pair of shoes you saw last week or a new power tool.

I am talking about what you want out of life…..not what your partner wants, or your kids – YOU!


1. Assign yourself a block of time when there is nobody home and you don’t have to be anywhere any time soon. If that is not an option, find a block of time that you can go and sit at the beach or somewhere peaceful – alone and quiet.

This task will require an empty, relaxed mind so YOU need to do whatever YOU need to do to get into that space.

2. Start to relax into the space whilst writing down everything that pops into your head while you are trying to relax and empty your mind. It could be the list of jobs you know need doing, what you’re making for dinner, whatever it is – write it down as it pops up so you can release it and empty your busy mind to prepare for the task.

3. Close your eyes. Place your hand on your heart and keep asking it over and over WHAT you want your life to look like. Forget superficial things, forget what you see on instagram and facebook, keep pushing them away if they pop up.

Think of a time in your life where you remember feeling really happy, free and content! Try to remember how it felt and acknowledge what it would take for you to feel like that again.

Think about the things that make your heart flutter with happiness even when nobody is watching, think about the things that give you that amazing rush of feeling free and on top of the world. All the real stuff.

What is it that evokes true happiness in you?

4. Now journal it all down because the hard part is done.

Stopping for the first time in a long time to search for what YOU want is the hardest thing to do because you are used to putting everyone else first.

It could be emotional needs, a change of career, new boundaries in relationships.

If you don’t feel that you managed to relax and dig deep enough today, try again another day. This is an important task so keep trying until you uncover your happiness vision.

Once you find and acknowledge what you really want – making it happen is the EASY part!

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